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The question has remained unanswered because all presidents of the United States have been millionaires.

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Q: Who was the last president not to be a millionaire?
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What us president was not a millionaire?

Abraham Lincoln

Who was the president that is a peanut farmer?

President Jimmy Carter was a millionaire peanut farmer.

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Your a millionaire or your the president

Which president was a millionaire before he was president?

Herbert Hoover was the first.

Was Bill Clinton a millionaire before becoming the president of the US?

No, Bill Clinton became rich after he was president.

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Was president Andrew Jackson a millionaire before he became president?

no before that he was a military general and a judge and a couple other things.

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The Millionaire Matchmaker - 2008 Mr- President Meets the 'Beverly Hillbilly' 7-10 was released on: USA: February 2014

Which us president on who wants to be a millionaire?

No U.S. presidents were ever on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. This wouldn't be allowed, anyway, because the requirements for the show state that you can't be involved in politics.

Which was the last movie to win a record equalling 11 Oscars?

slumdog millionaire

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There is no email for the TV show Millionaire. The series was aired on CBS from January 1955. The last episode was on June 8, 1960.

Was a us president related to Winston Churhilll?

There was no president related to Winston Churchill. He was related to the American millionaire Leonard Jerome. Jerome was his maternal grandfather.