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Short answer: General Francisco Franco, who after victory became the leader of Spain, a position he essentially occupied until his death in 1975.

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The Spanish Civil War began on July 17, 1936, in Spanish Morocco, when a group of army officers led by Francisco Franco staged a pronunciamiento, a military coup, against the government of the Second Spanish Republic, which had been in existence for only five years. The uprising quickly spread to Spain itself. The Nationalists, as the army rebels came to be known, had the support of a large proportion of the military, the Catholic hierarchy in Spain, and the land-owning aristocracy, all of whom were angry over various progressive reforms of the Republican government. The attempted coup failed, however, and the country fell into a civil war that lasted more than two and a half years and remains the bloodiest conflict Spain has ever known.

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General Francisco Franco.

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Q: Who was the leader of the 1936 rebellion in Spain that quickly became a civil war?
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Who was the leader of the 1936 rebellion in Spain?

General Francisco Franco:

What was Francisco Franco's occupation?

After a successful military career, Francisco Franco became the dictator of Spain from 1939 until 1975. In 1936, he headed a successful rebellion against the Spanish government. After Madrid fell to a coup d'état, Franco accepted the role of leader.

Who led a successful Fascist revolt against the government of Spain and became its leader?

Juan Valdez

Why rebellion against Spain?

You would have to name the rebellion or at least a date for an answer of this.

Why happened rebellion against Spain?

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Who is the leader of Spain 2012?

the leader of spain in 2012 is Juan Carlos

Who was the leader of the rebellion against Spain in the Netherlands?

The leader was William of Orange, also known as William the Silent or as Prince William I of Orange. He was born in 1533 and was assassinated in 1584 by Balthasar Gerard. His heirs form the monarchy in the Netherlands to this very day.

Led fascist rebellion in Spain?

Francisco Franco

How did Juan Carlos you become leader of Spain?

King Juan Carlos I became King of Spain as the protégé of the Dictator of Spain, Francisco Franco and assumed power upon Franco's death in 1975. Please see the Related Link for more information.

They were a major threat to the empire of Charles?

a protsetant rebellion in Spain

Which Fascist leader gained complete control of Spain in 1939?

General Francisco Franco became the leader of Spain after winning the Spanish Civil War n 1939. He was not a fascist of the Hitler Mussolini school although he welcomed their support. He was a Spanish Catholic Authoritarian. Franco was first and foremost a Spaniard.

What were each sides goal in the early part of the war?

the British was to stop the rebellion quickly before the colonist could get France and Spain to join. Washington's was to fight where he had to and then retreat saving strength for next time battle.