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Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970).

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Q: Who was the leader of the French puppet government in Saigon?
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What is a puppet government?

A puppet government is a government that does not have the independence to rule by itself, but is controlled by a foreign power. Vichy France in World War II is a good example.

What is a government controlled by an outside force?

A Protectorate

Is Philippines an American puppet?

By all measures.

What is the meaning of puppet republic?

Puppet Republic Jose P. Laurel was known to be the president of the puppet republic. He was elected as the 3rd President of the Philippines by the National Assembly on September 25, 1943, and was inaugurated on October 14, 1943. Born on March 9, 1891 in the small town of Tanuan in Batangas, Jose P. Laurel studied and received his law degree at the University of the Philippines in 1915 and at Yale University in 1920. His first entry in politics was in 1925, when he was elected to the Philippine Senate. In 1936 he was selected as associate justice of the Supreme Court. When the Japanese invaded our country, Laurel was the only high ranking official who chose to remain in Manila. Laurel had been vocal in his disapproval of the US control and because of his open dislike of the US government, the Japanese had given him numerous positions during its three-year reign. Laurel's government didn't get the Filipinos' full support. During his first year, Laurel was shot twice by Filipino rebels, but by some miracle survived. After the war, he was charged with 132 counts of treason but he never got into trial because of the general amnesty given in April 1948. In 1949, he ran again for president under the Nacionalista Party but was defeated by Elpidio Quirino, standard bearer of the Liberal Party. Upon his losing the presidency, he was later elected as senator and as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. He was recognized because of his support for women's freedom and rights, and his assistance in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. When Magsaysay sat as president in 1955, Laurel became the lead of an economic mission to the United States. His job was to enhance and develop the relationship between the Philippines and the United States. In 1957, he retired from the political arena and led a normal life with his former wife, Paciencia Hidalgo. Jose Laurel died on November 5, 1959.

What might be the consequence if the president could fire the vice president?

They can't but, if the president could fire the vice president, this could mean that the person who is the vice president was not the person citizens voted for in the presidential elections. First, that could cause anger amongst people who would feel cheated/betrayed. Secondly, the president could carefully select who they wanted to be vice president so that the vice president agrees with everything the president says, giving more power to the president (turning the vice president into a 'puppet leader').

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Leader of french puppet government in saigon?

bao dai

Which French government approved of the Japanese invasion of Indochina?

The French government you are referring to is the VICHY FRENCH GOVERNMENT which was ruled over by Marshall Petain as a puppet leader for the Nazi Authorities.

Who did the French install as the head of a puppet government in Vietnam in 1947?

Bao Dai

What is a puppet leader?

A puppet leader ,or a person who works puppets is called a puppeteer.

What was the name of the French puppet government set up by Germany in southeastern France in 1940?

== ==

Who was the french leader during the war of Mexican independence?

Nobody. You are confusing the Mexican War of Independence (1810-1821) with the French Intervention (1861-1867). The puppet leader set up by the French was Maximilian I (1832-1867)

How do you use the word puppet government in a sentence?

The Balkans were a puppet government being controlled by Moscow. The legislature was a puppet government that answered to the king.

What was the significance of Vichy in World War 2?

The town of Vichy in France was the headquarters of the puppet French Government which was loyal to Germany.

What is a puppet government?

A puppet government is a government that does not have the independence to rule by itself, but is controlled by a foreign power. Vichy France in World War II is a good example.

Who was the puppet leader of Mexico in 1863?

Maximilian I of Habsburg.

What is a government that is run by an outside force?

puppet government

Who occupied Mexico during the US Civil War?

While the US was heavily distracted from events south of the border, Mexico was planned by French leaders to become a puppet state of France. French soldiers and a puppet leader, tried to establish a "colony" of sorts in Mexico. When the US Civil War ended, troops were sent to the Mexican border and the US threatened military action unless France withdrew itself from Mexico. The puppet leader of Mexico was hung by the Mexican people.