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Ronald Reagan is and as far as anyone can tell will remain the most revered and respected president of all time.

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Q: Who was the most revered and respected presidents?
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What does revered style mean?

Well respected.

What is a synonym for honoured?

Thrilled,Grateful,Privileged,Pleased,Flattered etc.

What did general Robert e lee think was wrong to own?

Slaves. He was the most revered and respected person in the Confederacy and he was against slavery. He freed the slaves that had come to him by way of his father-in-law's estate will.

What is the word that means very very highly and deeply respected that starts with R?

Revere Revered, actually (since the question uses the past participle).

Why is the memorial building on a penny?

The US one cent piece (penny) has the portrait of Lincoln on the "face" of the coin. The obverse (back) pictures the Lincoln Memorial. Both are connected to one of the most revered US Presidents.

Should the Declaration of Independence be revered?

I would say that the Declaration of Independence should be respected, but not revered. It is an important document, which established the ideological basis for the creation of the United States of America, but it is not holy. The US itself is a great country, but it also has a very flawed history.

Is the undertaker from WWE respected?

undertaker is well respected by most fans.

Where did most of the Presidents come from?

Most presidents came from Virgina

What part of speech is revered?

The word reverence is a noun and a verb. The noun form is an act of showing respect (e.g. bowing) The verb form means to show reverence.

What are the family dynamics in China?

Family dynamics in China include a closeness of family. This means that many generations are often living together in the same house. The aged are considered to be revered and respected.

How is the Buddha a holy figure?

I'm not sure what you mean by holy, but the Buddha is revered, or greatly respected for the realizations he had about the human condition and the teachings he offered to quell suffering as a result of those realizations.

Is revered an adjective?

It can be. The revered Princess Diana was honored with a state funeral upon her death.However, most words that end in the construction -ed, including revered, are primarily used as the past participle form of their associated verb; in this case, to revere. (Example: Mother Teresa was revered in death as she had been in life.)