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Jefferson Davis was the President of the Confederate States of America, a short-lived nation formed of secessionist states during the American Civil War.

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Jefferson Davis was the only president that the Confederate States of America ever had. He was in office in 1861.

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Q: Who was the president of the south in 1860?
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The South's choice for President in 1860?

Jefferson Davis was the Confederate President.

Who was elected president in 1860 causing the South to secede?


How did South Carolina react to the election of 1860?

When President Lincoln was elected president in 1860, much of the south reacted. Even before Lincoln took office, South Carolina called a convention in the south and delegates voted to secede, thus spurring the Civil War that would follow.

The secession of South Carolina from the Union in 1860 was prompted by?

the election of Abraham Lincoln as President.

Who was elected president when South Carolina and 6 other states seceded in 1860?

Abraham Licoln.

Who became president before South Carolina withdrew from the US?

James Buchanan was the president in 1860 when South Carolina seceded, but Abraham Lincoln was the president-elect , due to take office in March of 1861.

Who was the bachelor president that did nothing when the south seceded?

James Buchanan was a bachelor while President of the United States, for one term. He was President from 1856-1860. The southern states began to secede from the Union, once President Lincoln had been elected, in 1860, and began serving as President in 1861.

Did South Carolina secede when Lincoln was president?

No. South Carolina seceded on December 20th, 1860, before Lincoln was officially sworn in as President. However, the state did secede as a reaction to Lincoln's election.

In the 1850s When South Carolina withdrew frowm the US what presedint was in charge of the country?

South Carolina seceeded on December 20, 1860 after Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 election. However Lincoln did not become president until sworn in on March 4, 1861; so James Buchanan was still president when South Carolina seceeded.

What did the Southern states find objectionable in Abraham Lincoln's 1860 campaign for president?

His promise to free the slaves in the south

Who was the president of the US when the south secede?

When South Carolina seceded, Buchanan was still in the chair, and Lincoln was President-elect.

When did South Carolina succeed?

1860, December of 1860