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If you mean the tv show, then Sinitta and Bobby Davro so far this series,,,

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Jennifer Metcalfe

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Q: Who went out of dancing on ice?
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Who left dancing on ice tonight?

On the 14th of March 2010 (Mother's Day) Danny Young went out of Dancing On Ice. He was in the skate-off with Kieron Richardson.

Is Dancing On Ice on in May?

Dancing on ice started in January

What is the duration of Dancing on Ice?

The duration of Dancing on Ice is 2 hours.

When was Dancing on Ice created?

Dancing on Ice was created on 2006-01-14.

When was the first dancing on ice?

Dancing on Ice ended on 2007-03-10.

Who did win Dancing on ice 2005?

Dancing on ice didnt start till 2006

When will Dancing On Ice 2010 air?

Dancing On Ice 2010 starts today (10th January) and I can't wait.

Who won Dancing On Ice 2005?

There wasn't a series in 2005. Dancing on ice started in 2006.

What is the meaning of SKATE dancing?

dancing in ice skates

Is dancing on ice actually on ice?


Who will win Dancing On Ice?

That's just a comment it means that your dancing awsomely like a winner.

What actors and actresses appeared in Dancing on Ice - 2005?

The cast of Dancing on Ice - 2005 includes: Sinead Kerr as herself