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According to Wikipedia biography on Martha, she had four sisters, the others being Anna Marie "Fanny" Dandridge Bassett (1739-1777), Frances Dandridge (1744-1757), Elizabeth Dandridge Aylet Henley (1749-1800), and Mary Dandridge (1756-1763).

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Martha Washington had four children, two daughters and two sons. They were John Parke Custis, Frances Custis, Martha Parke Custis, and Daniel Parke Custis, Jr.

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She is related to Amy Brown

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Q: Who were Martha Washington's children?
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Who was George Washingtons whife?

Martha Custis Washington. She was a widow with two children when she married him.

What was Martha washingtons nickname?

Martha Washingtons nickname was Pasty

What was George Washingtons marige and children?

George Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis, a widow, and adopted her two children

What was the name of georges washingtons wife?

Martha dandridge custis

What is Martha Washingtons maiden name?


Which of washingtons children were born at mount vernon?

he did not have any biological children. He had two step-children who lived with him and he and Martha raised her son Jackie's child as there own, but never had any biological children

What was the name of Martha washingtons first husband and what caused his death?

martha washingtons first husband was mr.custus and he died for no reason he just had died of an old age

What is washingtons wifes name?

Martha Dandridge Custis.

Who adorns george Washingtons name?

Martha Washington

What color was Martha washingtons hair?

dark brown

How old was George Washingtons kids when George Washington die?

1 yrs old Well as far as we know he had no children of his own, he was step father to his wife Martha's children.

What was Martha Washingtons name before she married George Washington?

Martha Parke Custis or her maiden name was Martha Dandridge.