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Apollos Rivoire and Deborah Hitchborn.

Paul Revere's father was Apollos Rivoire, a French Huguenot immgrant.

His mother was Deborah Hichborn an American born woman of English ancestry.

The name Riovore was changed to Revere to sound more "English"

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Paul Revere was a celebrated part of the American Revolution due to his midnight ride to warn of the British soldiers coming. His parents were Deborah Hitchborn and Apollo's Rivoire.
Dad: Apollos De Revoire Mom:Sarah Revere
Mr.Revere and Mrs.Revere

Paul Revere's parents were Apollos de Rivoire and Deborah Hichborn, according to the attached site from the museum which was Revere's home. (Paul's dad changed the spelling of their name.) Paul's dad later changed his name to Paul Revere.
aubrey and kyle aubrey and kyle aubrey and kyle

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Q: Who were Paul Reveres parents?
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