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These are the Vice Presidents of the US and the Presidents with whom they were elected. (Boldface indicates those that were later President)

  1. John Adams (George Washington)
  2. Thomas Jefferson (John Adams)
  3. Aaron Burr (Thomas Jefferson - 1st term)
  4. George Clinton (Thomas Jefferson - 2nd Term, James Madison - 1st Term) - died April 20, 1812
  5. Elbridge Gerry (James Madison - 2nd Term)- died November 23, 1814
  6. Daniel D. Tompkins (James Monroe )
  7. John C. Calhoun (John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson - 1st term) - resigned to run for Senate, December 28, 1932
  8. Martin Van Buren (Andrew Jackson - 2nd term)
  9. Richard M. Johnson (Martin Van Buren)
  10. John Tyler (William H. Harrison)
  11. George M. Dallas (James Knox Polk)
  12. Millard Fillmore (Zachary Taylor)
  13. William R. King (Franklin Pierce) - died April 18, 1853
  14. John C. Breckenridge (James Buchanan)
  15. Hannibal Hamlin (Abraham Lincoln - 1st term)
  16. Andrew Johnson (Abraham Lincoln - 2nd term)
  17. Schuyler Colfax (Ulysses S. Grant -1st Term)
  18. Henry Wilson (Ulysses S. Grant - 2nd Term)
  19. William A. Wheeler (Rutherford B. Hayes)
  20. Chester A. Arthur (James Garfield)
  21. Thomas A. Hendricks (Grover Cleveland - 1st term)- died November 25, 1885
  22. Levi P. Morton (Benjamin Harrison)
  23. Adlai E. Stevenson (Grover Cleveland - 2nd term)
  24. Garret A. Hobart (William McKinley -1st Term) - died November 21, 1899
  25. Theodore Roosevelt (William McKinley - 2nd term)
  26. Charles W. Fairbanks (Theodore Roosevelt - 2nd term)
  27. James S. Sherman (William H. Taft) - died October 30, 1912
  28. Thomas R. Marshall (Woodrow Wilson)
  29. Calvin Coolidge (Warren G. Harding)
  30. Charles G. Dawes (Calvin Coolidge - 2nd term)
  31. Charles Curtis (Herbert C. Hoover)
  32. John N. Garner (Franklin D. Roosevelt - 1st & 2nd terms)
  33. Henry A. Wallace (Franklin D. Roosevelt - 3rd term)
  34. Harry S Truman (Franklin D. Roosevelt - 4th term)
  35. Alben W. Barkley (Harry S Truman - 2nd term)
  36. Richard M. Nixon (Dwight D. Eisenhower)
  37. Lyndon B. Johnson (John F. Kennedy)
  38. Hubert H. Humphrey (Lyndon B. Johnson - 2nd term)
  39. Spiro T. Agnew (Richard M. Nixon - 1st & 2nd term) - resigned October 10, 1973)
  40. Gerald R. Ford (Richard M. Nixon - 2nd Term)*
  41. Nelson A. Rockefeller (Gerald R. Ford)*
  42. Walter F. Mondale (Jimmy Carter)
  43. George H. W. Bush (Ronald Reagan)
  44. Dan Quayle (George H. W. Bush)
  45. Albert Gore, Jr. (William J. Clinton)
  46. Richard B. Cheney (George W. Bush)
  47. Joseph R. Biden (Barack H. Obama)

*With the resignation of Spiro T. Agnew, Gerald Ford was sworn in as Vice President on December 6, 1973. With the resignation of Richard Nixon, Ford became President, and Nelson Rockefeller was sworn in as Vice President on December 19, 1974.

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PresidentVice PresidentGeorge Washington (1789-1797)John Adams (1789-1797)John Adams (1797-1801)Thomas Jefferson (1797-1801)Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809)Aaron Burr (1801-1805)George Clinton (1805-1809)James Madison (1809-1817)George Clinton (1809-1812)none (1812-1813)Elbridge Gerry (1813-1814)none (1814-1817)James Monroe (1817-1825)Daniel D. Tompkins (1817-1825)John Quincy Adams (1825-1829)John C. Calhoun (1825-1829)Andrew Jackson (1829-1837)John C. Calhoun (1829-1832)none (1832-1833)Martin Van Buren (1833-1837)Martin Van Buren (1837-1841)Richard M. Johnson (1837-1841)William Henry Harrison (1841)John Tyler (1841)John Tyler (1841-1845)none (1841-1845)James K. Polk (1845-1849)George M. Dallas (1845-1849)Zachary Taylor (1849-1850)Millard Fillmore (1849-1850)Millard Fillmore (1850-1853)none (1850-1853)Franklin Pierce (1853-1857)William King (1853)none (1853-1857)James Buchanan (1857-1861)John C. Breckinridge (1857-1861)Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865)Hannibal Hamlin (1861-1865)Andrew Johnson (1865)Andrew Johnson (1865-1869)none (1865-1869)Ulysses S. Grant (1869-1877)Schuyler Colfax (1869-1873)Henry Wilson (1873-1875)none (1875-1877)Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881)William Wheeler (1877-1881)James A. Garfield (1881)Chester Arthur (1881)Chester Arthur (1881-1885)none (1881-1885)Grover Cleveland (1885-1889)Thomas Hendricks (1885)none (1885-1889)Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893)Levi P. Morton (1889-1893)Grover Cleveland (1893-1897)Adlai E. Stevenson (1893-1897)William McKinley (1897-1901)Garret Hobart (1897-1899)none (1899-1901)Theodore Roosevelt (1901)Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909)none (1901-1905)Charles Fairbanks (1905-1909)William Howard Taft (1909-1913)James S. Sherman (1909-1912)none (1912-1913)Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921)Thomas R. Marshall (1913-1921)Warren G. Harding (1921-1923)Calvin Coolidge (1921-1923)Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929)none (1923-1925)Charles Dawes (1925-1929)Herbert Hoover (1929-1933)Charles Curtis (1929-1933)Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945)John Nance Garner (1933-1941)Henry A. Wallace (1941-1945)Harry S Truman (1945)Harry S Truman (1945-1953)none (1945-1949)Alben Barkley (1949-1953)Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961)Richard Nixon (1953-1961)John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)Lyndon B. Johnson (1961-1963)Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-1969)none (1963-1965)Hubert Humphrey (1965-1969)Richard Nixon (1969-1974)Spiro Agnew (1969-1973)none (1973)Gerald Ford (1973-1974)Gerald Ford (1974-1977)none (1974)Nelson Rockefeller (1974-1977)Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)Walter Mondale (1977-1981)Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)George Bush (1981-1989)George Bush (1989-1993)Dan Quayle (1989-1993)Bill Clinton (1993-2001)Al Gore (1993-2001)George W. Bush (2001-2009)Dick Cheney (2001-2009)Barack Obama (2009-present)Joe Biden (2009-present)

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Q: Who were all the vice presidents of the US?
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How many men have served as US vice president?

Through Joseph Biden (January 20, 2009), there have been 47 men who served as Vice President of the US, all but two of them elected to the position. The first 3 Vice Presidents were actually "runners-up" for President, until the 12th Amendment was ratified in 1804.Two Vice Presidents, George Clinton and John C. Calhoun, served under 2 presidents, but several Presidents had more than 1 Vice President. Four Vice Presidents who succeeded to the office had no Vice President of their own (Tyler, Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, and Arthur).Both Gerald Ford and Nelson Rockfeller were appointed under the terms of the 25th Amendment.

Which college or university has the most presidents as alumni?

Harvard University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has produced the most U.S. Presidents, which is eight. Harvard also produced four US Vice Presidents.

How many presidents were from delaware?

No US presidents were from the state of Delaware.Rutherford Hayes, the 19th President was born in the town of Delaware, Ohio.Joe Biden, the current vice-president is a former senator from Delaware.

How many presidents were from Montana?

There were not any presidents born in MontanaRead more: Were_any_presidents_born_in_Montana

What is a Group Vice President?

In USA executive ranks, a Group Vice President is at the same level as an Executive Vice President. A Group Vice President ranks above a Senior Vice President and a Vice President, and will typically have multiple Senior Vice Presidents and/or Vice Presidents reporting to them.

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