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The answer is: John Adams and John Quincy Adams and the otehr is George Bush and George W. Bush

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Q: Who were the Two times in us history both man and his son have been elected president?
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Can George W. Bush be elected president?

No- not any more. He has already been elected two times, which is the maximum number allowed.

Has President Obama's life been threatened more than any other president in history?

He should not have been elected president but his life should not be threatened just because he was able to fool the American people by the use of his political machine to become elected

Which two times in US history both a man and his son have been elected President Name them?

John Adams and John Quincy Adams, George Bush and George W. Bush.

What US president was elected more than 3 times?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the only President to be elected more than two times. He was elected to four terms, in 1932,1936,1940 and 1944. His record will never be equaled because since then an amendment has been ratified that limits the president to being elected no more than twice.

How many time has someone been elected president by a majority of the electoral college?

55 times

How many times in American history has the vice president been been called to assume the duties of the president?


How many times in the past has Hillary Clinton been elected president and not won the popular vote?

Hillary Clinton has never been elected president. She apparently won the popular vote in the recent 2016 presidential election.

How have the qualifications to be elected president changed since they first appeared in the constitution?

No- not really. There is one restriction that was added, that a person who has already been elected two times or else has been elected one time and completed more than two years of another's term can not be president.

How many women have been elected president or vice president?

At this writing, 5/3/2010, no woman has ever been elected President or Vice President of the US.

How was the President originally elected?

The US president has always been elected in substantially the same way. The real change was in the way the vice-president was elected.

Who has been elected president?


Who is the only president to not have been elected into office?

Technically speaking, they've all been elected in to *office*. However, Ford is the only one who was never elected to the Executive Office (as either President or Vice-President).