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the british leader of the charles town battle

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Q: Who were the british leaders in the battle of Charles town?
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Who helped Washington defeat the British at Yorktown?

he defeated the British in the battle of york town. The British surrendered holding up a white flag.

British troops marched on Concord in order to capture?

In April of 1775, British troops marched on the town of Concord (Massachusetts) in order to capture arms which they believed were hidden there. Nonverbal orders to the British commander seem also to have included the capture of rebel leaders who might be residing in or around the same town. In their search of the town, the British did find a small cache of arms, but they were soon forced to fall back towards Boston after facing superior numbers (and fire) from colonial militia troops.

What southern city changed hands from the Patriots to the British in four years' time?

Charles Town

The Battle of Yorktown was the pivotal battle in the Revolutionary War Describe how General Cornwallis was defeated in this battle?

General Charles Cornwallis basically lost the Revolutionary War after surrendering in this battle. General George Washington and the French Navy managed to trap him and his 8,000 troops in a small port town on Virginia's York River.

Can someone tell me about the battle of toms river?

the battle of toms river was a skirmish between 100 british troops and toms river patriots. it happened in 1782 one year after the battle of Yorktown and the british surrender. and one year before the treaty was signed in Paris. the town was burnt to the ground, josh huddy the leader of the patriots was hung without trial by the british. William Franklin, illegitamate son of Ben Franklin, he was the last royally appointed Governer of the colony of NJ, he was kicked out and replaced with William Livingston. W. Franklin was Sent to Connecticut as a prisoner, he was later traded to the british for some of there POW's. Moved to NYC to the british HQ, gave them intelligence on the Town of Toms RIver which was the leading supplier of salt and oil to all 13 conlonies, as a way to gain revenge on the state of NJ The Township of Toms River's records begin in 1783 because all documents proir to that battle were burnt with the town.

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Who won the battle in charles town?

the battle was won by the British. the British surrendered the whole city they where in and they had to leave.

Who was the british leader in the battle of Charles Town?

Henrey Clinton

Why did the battle of Charles town start?

well, the battle of Charles town was a british siege of Charles town in may 1780 in which the Americans suffered from the worst defeat of the war. but it started because the British captured the port of Savannah and they conquered most of Georgia and in 1780 they landed in South Carolina. they traped some Americans in Charles town until the colonists surrendered.

Was Charles town lost after the battle?


How did the battle of sullivans island delay the siege of Charles town?

Battle of Sullivan

Who won the battle of German Town?

the british won the battle of German town goreg Washington surrendered

Where was the Battle of Bunker Hill held?

in Charles Town Peninsula

Who led British forces against Charles Town and Sullivan's Island?

The general for the British was Henry Clinton

What were the british planning to do when the reached the next town?

they were planning to battle the americans

What were the british planning to do when they reached the next town?

they were planning to battle the americans

Where did Alexander grow up?

Charles Town, Nevis, British West Indies

Why did battle of yorktown happen?

The battle of york town happend because Washington and his army had to defeat the British