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British Officers: James Moncrieff, Sir Henry Clinton, Admiral Mariot Arbuthnot, Sir Peter Parker

American Officers: Benjamin Lincoln, Colonel William Moultrie

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there were two generals, robert anderson for the union and pgt beareguard for the confederate

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Robert Anderson and P.G.T. Beauregard.

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Q: Who were the generals at the Battle of Fort Sumter during the American Civil War?
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What was the Battle plan of north during The Battle of Fort Sumter?

i was wondering that too!

How many people died at the battle of fort Sumter?

There were only two casualties at the Battle of Fort Sumter at the beginning of the American Civil War. Both were Union Soldiers. One was killed during a planned 100-gun salute, and one was killed during evacuation. There were no Confederate casualties.

Who were the generals in the battle of trenton?

During the Battle of Trenton the American troops were led by General George Washington. The Hessians and British troops involved in this battle were led by Colonel Rahl.

Where was the first naval battle during the civil war?

Fort Sumter

Who led the union army on fort Sumter?

Major Robert Anderson was the commanding officer of the Union soldiers during the Battle of Fort Sumter.

Who were the generals of the battle of chatanooga?

During the First Battle of Chattanooga the generals were: Union Major General Buell and Confederate Brigadier Generals Morgan and Forrest; during the Second Battle: Union Major General Rosencrans and Confederate Braxton Bragg; during the third one: Union Major General Grant and Confederate Braxton Bragg.

How many people died during the battle at ft Sumter in the civil war?

About 16,745

Who was the commanding officer of the north during the battle of fort Sumter?

Madison Baugher Grant

What territory was gained during the battle of Fort Sumter?

The Confederacy started the battle of Fort Sumter to start the Civil War. This is due to the fact that the North and South kept arguing at each other.

When did the Fort Sumter battle take place?

the fall of Fort Sumter was on April 13, 1861 (:

What was the norths weakness during fort Sumter?

The north had less of weppons, and hey were not prepared for the battle!

Who were the generals of each army during the first battle of bull run?

your mom and dad