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the president person

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Q: Who will try an official that has been impeached?
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Who has the power to try official who have been impeached?

The US Senate tries government officials who have been impeached by the House of Representatives, and may remove them from office if they find just cause.

Who holds a trail an official who has been impeached?

The senate

What legislative body as the power of impeachment and which body had the power to try an impeached official?

the house of representatives has the power of impeachment and the senate has the sole power to try an impeached officer

Who has the authority to try an impeached official to determine guilt or innocence?


How many people have to vote to accuse an impeached official?

What is the required vote that is neccasry to convict someone who has been impeached

What is something that only the senate is allow to do?

Hold a trial for an official who has been impeached

Under the US constitution what congressional chamber has the power to try an impeached government official?

The trial of an impeached official (President, Vice President, cabinet official, member of Congress, or Federal judge) would take place in the US Senate.

Which governmentbody had the solepower to try an official who is impeached?

I think you're discussing Presidential impeachment, answer is both houses of Congress. House of Representatives actually 'impeaches' the President (essentially charging him or her) and the Senate holds the trial and if convicted, the President is removed from office. The Vice President can also be impeached as well as officers of the United States. Technically, the term impeachment is mis-used, but it has been mis-used so often, it essentially refers to the involuntary removal of the president.

Impeachment means to charge a government official in the House so that they can be what?

After a government official is impeached in the House, the official will be tried in the Senate. Two U.S. Presidents have been impeached. They are Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson.

Who has the sole power to try those that have been impeached?

House of Representatives

If an office holder is impeached which house has the sole power to try the case?

The Senate tries federal office holders who have been impeached by the House.

Where is an official impeached?

Federal officials can be impeached in the House of Representatives. If a simple majority of the House votes for impeachment, the official proceeds to trial in the Senate.