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British won

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Q: Who won the battle of Charleston in 1780?
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Who won the the battle Charleston in 1780?

British won

British lord who won the battle of Charleston in 1780?


Who was the British lord that won the battle of Charleston on 1780?


Where did the Americans suffer their worst defeat of the war?

1780, The Battle of Charleston, South Carolina 1780, The Battle of Charleston, South Carolina

When was the Charleston battle fought?

1861 or 1780

What date did the battle of Charleston start?

April 1st 1780

Who won the battle of Charleston between the Americans and the British?

The British won at the Battle of Charleston.

When did the Battle Of Charleston end?

From what I've heard, the Battle of Charleston, SC went from April 1-May12, 1780.

When did the Battle of Springfield start?

It started in 1780; the Americans won that battle!!!

Where was the worst defeat in the American revolution?

The worst American defeat in the Revolutionary War took place in Charleston, South Carolina on May 12, 1780. The British captured the city and its 5400 men army, 4 ships, and a military arsenal. The British only lost 225 men.

Who won the war of Charleston?

the British won the Battle of Charleston south Carolina (in west Virginia. not badly but the British won.

Where and when did the worst American defeat of the war take place?

It took place 1780, The battle of Charleston in south Carolina.