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im also trying to find dat out as well

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Q: How they feel when they won the battle in Charleston?
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Who won the battle of Charleston between the Americans and the British?

The British won at the Battle of Charleston.

Who won the battle of Charleston in 1780?

British won

Who won the the battle Charleston in 1780?

British won

Who won the war of Charleston?

the British won the Battle of Charleston south Carolina (in west Virginia. not badly but the British won.

Who won the battle of Charleston in the civil war?

The patriots?

British lord who won the battle of Charleston in 1780?


Who was the British lord that won the battle of Charleston on 1780?


Who won at Battle of Charleston?

some important person...just kidding the British won

Who the battle of Charleston?

The Patriots won the first battle of Charleston (South Carolina) on June 28, 1776. It was a humiliating defeat for the British Navy and the first great military victory of the American Revolution. It was this event, overlooked in history, that inspired our forefathers to ratify The Declaration of Independence. For proof, see make this easy, the British won the battle of Charleston.

Where was the battle of Charleston fought?

In Charleston.

How many casulaties were there Battle of Charleston?

How Many Casulaties wer there in the Battle of Charleston

Who won the Revolutionary War in Camden?

In battle in the south, British victories didn't seem to matter. The British won at Charleston and Camden, but the Americans kept retreating but not giving up.