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The U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of Personnel Management. it is signed by the Director of the Office of Personnel Management.

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Q: Who writes the paycheck for the u.s. president?
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How does the President of the US receive his paycheck?

He steals IT......

Who signs the president's paycheck?

The amount of money that a president makes is set by Congress. The president's paycheck is processed and comes from the US Treasury.

Who writes the current US President speeches?

During his time as a senator, the current US president Barrack Obama would write his own speeches. When he became president, they were written by Jon Favreau.

Who writes us laws?

Citizens, the congress, and the president. Basically the citizens sometimes send the idea in, the congress and president approve it.

Who signs President Obamas paycheck?

He is paid by the US treasury. I would guess the US treasurer's stamped signature appears on it. It is quite likely that his checks are deposited electronically into his account.

What is the vice president paycheck yearly?

Roughly around 900,000,000.00 dollars.

What branch of government is headed by Barack Obama who carries out laws?

President Obama heads the executive Branch and he writes the laws.

Why is the president the last person to see a bill?

That is the way the US Constitution has it set up. The president is the last stage in the legislative process. The Congress writes the bills, debates them, tweaks them and sometimes passes them and then sends them to the President for review.

How do you make laws?

In the US Congress writes the law.It is sent to the US President for approval, who then signs the bill or says that it is not right to be a law. Then they vote and the vote has to be two thirds, that is how they make a law.

How do railroad workers get paid?

In the US, they receive a "paycheck".

How does the president check power of the Congress?

Writes bills.

What does the president do when the senate writes a bill?

The president may either sign the bill into law or veto it.