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Although most of the Federalist Papers were written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison wrote two of the most famous; numbers 10 and 51. In the tenth paper, Madison starts by claiming that a Union that is well built can control the dangers started by factions. Madison defines faction as; any group of citizens who, at the expense of others, develop their beliefs or economic interests.

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Q: Who wrote about controlling competing factions?
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Revolutionary groups that have competing goals or visions about what the revolution is to accomplish is called?


How does Madison propose to control factions?

Madison's solution for controlling the effects of factions was the establishment of a republican government. He argued that the powers wielded by the factions be constitutionally limited.

Revolutionary groups that have competing goals or visions about what the revolution is to accomplish are called?


Which type of conflict involves conflict among competing factions within a single nation?

Internal conflict.

How could you cure the Mischiefs of factions according to Madison?

Removing the causes of mischief or controlling the effects of the mischief.

What does The are two methods of curing the mischiefs of faction the one by removing its causes the other by controlling its effects mean?

removing the factions causes means taking away its liberty or its freedom and getting rid of them. controlling its effects means controlling its powers. In order for you to better understand what this means, you should probably look into what factions are more and getting a good understanding of them.

In what essay did James madison wrote about his concern over factions?

Federalist 10

How did the federalist papers say that individual right could be protected?

By reducing the number of rights that people were used to

What does Madison assert to be the two best methods for curing the mischiefs of factions?

1: the one by removing its causes 2: by controlling its effects

James madison wrote about a concern of factions in?

James Madison wrote about his concern regarding factions in his famous essay, "The Federalist No. 10." He believed that factions, or groups of individuals united by a common interest or opinion, were a natural and inevitable part of human nature. Madison argued that the danger of factions lied in their potential to oppress the rights of others or undermine the public good, but that a large and diverse republic with multiple factions could help control their effects through a system of checks and balances.

A type of party formation in which political conflict prompts officials and competing factions within government to mobilize popular support is called ______ mobilization?


What are the two remedies for controlling the effects of factions?

There are some ways to control political factions and to restrict their influence on the larger society. One is the principle of majority rule. Another is the creation of large republics that can "refine and enlarge" the views of the public, which gives more people a voice regardless of faction.