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The Senate must confirm apppointments made by the President.

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Q: Whose approval does the president need for appointments of judges and civil officiers?
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What is appointed to the US Courts of Appeal?

The President appoints federal appellate judges to the US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts. These appointments are subject to approval from the Senate.

Can the president make appointments of ambassadors with the approval of the Senate?

The President can make ambassador appointments only with the "advice and consent of the Senate."

What appoints the judges to the supreme court?

The President appoints federal judges and the appointments are approved by the Senate in Congress.

What personnel can a president choose without the approval of Congress?

Presidential appointments of Cabinet Members, Federal Court Judges, Ambassadors, Generals and Admirals require the consent of the Senate, and presidential appointments of Vice Presidents require the consent of both Houses of Congress. The President can hire without Congressional approval assistants who do not hold positions of power, such as personal secretaries, chauffeurs and speech writers.

Who can appoint ambassadors and federal judges?

Both the president and governor can appoint judges. The governor can appoint his states judges and the president appoints federal judges. The president can only appoint ambassadors.

Can Congress appoint state judges?

No, state judges are either elected or appointed.

Who must approve judges treaties or other appointments in order to be president?

The Senate.

Who must approve the President's appointments of Judges to the US Supreme Court?

Appointments to the US Supreme Court must be approved by the US Senate.

How do judges obtain their job?

In the United States the judges are nominated by the President with the "advice and consent" of the Senate. The Senate votes upon the President's nomination for approval or rejection.

Which branch does the executive branch have to get an approval from when appointing heads of executive departments ambassadors and federal court judges?

The U.S. Senate must confirm such appointments.

Who appoints all federal judges?

The President makes all appointments of judges and justices to the federal courts subject to confirmation by the Senate.

Who has the right to appoint the judges in supreme court?

The US President. Congress however has to ratify the Presidential appointments.