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legislative branch

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Q: Whose approval is required to override a presidential veto?
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Whose approval is required to overridea a presidential veto?


What features of the Constitution encourage compromise and how?

The fact that a bill requires the approval of both houses of a bicameral legislature whose members represent different interests is one thing. The fact that the president can veto legislation but the congress can override is another. Michael Montagne

Which law required the approval of the US Senate for the discharge of any federal official whose appointment had been made with the advice and consent of the Senate?

Tenure of Office Act

President George W. Bush sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq with whose approval?

With the approval of Both houses of Congress.

What is a presidential veto and what can congress do about it?

A presidential veto is a procedure the president can use to express is disapproval of a particular bill presented to him for his signature. Congress can override his veto only by a two-thirds vote in both houses of congress.

Whose Presidential campaign slogan was the New Freedom?

Woodrow Wilson

Whose presidential campaign slogan was the new nationalism?

woodrow wilson

Whose approval does president Obama need get before his appointments take affect?

'effect' ... the Senate

Whose Presidential bid ended after rumors of his affair with Donna Rice?

Gary Hart

Whose Bible is president elect using for the presidential oath?

President Abraham Lincoln's bible.

Does a condo newsletter need board approval?

It depends on who publishes the newsletter and in whose name. If non-board-member owners publish a newsletter and follow the delivery guidelines outlined by the board or by governing documents, and claim authorship of the newsletter, then no board approval is be required. If, however, non-board-member owners publish a newsletter in the name of the board, then yes, the board should approve this newsletter.

Whose approval does the president need for appointments of judges and civil officiers?

The Senate must confirm apppointments made by the President.