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John Hancock's signature is the easiest to see becaue it is the largest one and it is in the center at the top of all other signatures.

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Q: Whose name is easiest to see on the declaration of independence?
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Whose name appears last on the Declaration of Independence?

Abraham Clark

What was the name of the Declaration of Independence before it was called the Declaration of Independence?

freedom rights

What did Benjamin Franklin write in the Declaration of Independence?

His name he did not write the declaration of independence he signed it

What is the name of the document that declared your independence from England?

The Declaration of Independence

What name apears last on the Declaration of Independence?

It was Matthew Thornton from New Hampshire who is last on the Declaration of Independence

Why did Abraham Lincoln write his name so big on the Declaration of Independence?

Lincoln did not sign the declaration of independence.

What is the name of the room in which the Declaration of Independence is kept?

The Declaration of Independence can be viewed at the National Archives Museum in Washington D.C

How did independence hall get its name?

because that's where the declaration of independence was written

Who were the men that signed the Declaration of Independence of Liberia?

what are the names of those men that signed the declaration of liberia indepedence

Whose was the largest signature on the American Declaration of Independence?

John Hancock's signature is the largest on the Declaration of Independence.

What group was excluded by name in the declaration of independence?


What is the Legal name for stealing the declaration of independence?