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(newly freed slaves)

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Q: Whose rights was the Fourteenth Amendment designed to protect?
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Which amendment sought to protect voting rights?

Fourteenth Amendment

What group was the Fourteenth Amendment designed to protect How did other groups use the Fourteenth Amendment to gain rights?

The Fourteenth Amendment, which guaranteed citizenship and equal protection under the law, was designed to protect the rights of newly freed African Americans following the Civil War. Later, other groups, such as Mexican Americans and Asian Americans, cited the Fourteenth Amendment in important court cases to argue for their right to equal protection under the law.

What were the reasons behind the fourteenth amendment?

To protect the rights of freedmen. The Fourteenth Amendment guaranteed equality under the law for all citizens!

What other groups have turned to the Supreme Court to protect their Civil Rights?

Bill of Rights and The Fourteenth Amendment.

What other groups have turned to the Supreme Court to protect their civil right?

Bill of Rights and The Fourteenth Amendment.

Who benefited from passing of the fourteeth amendment?

The passing of the Fourteenth Amendment benefited African Americans by granting them equal protection under the law and citizenship rights. This amendment also aimed to protect the civil rights of all individuals and ensure that states could not deny individuals their constitutional rights. Overall, the Fourteenth Amendment was a significant step towards promoting equality and justice for marginalized groups in the United States.

The source of authority cited by the Supreme Court for applying the Bill of Rights to the states is?

the fourteenth amendment to the constitution

What amendment guarantees due process?

The fifth and the fourteenth amendments both do. The fifth amendment is to protect against abuse of government authority in a legal procedure. The fourteenth amendment is to protect citizens from being deprived by governments or state.

What is fourteenth amendment due process?

n. An established course for judicial proceedings or other governmental activities designed to safeguard the legal rights of the individual.

What was the major civil rights effect of the thirteenth amendment?

That the Reconstruction don't have a Fourteenth Amendment...

What rights do the thirteenth and fourteenth amendment provide?

he hated blacks

What were the terms of the fourteenth amendments?

The Fourteenth Amendment Rights Guaranteed Privileges and Immunities of Citizenship, Due Process and Equal Protection. The fourteenth amendment goes along with the thirteenth and fifteenth amendments.