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France, which was recently defeated, jumped at the opportunity to stab Britain in the back.

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to mess with England

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Q: Why France came to America's aid in the Revolution?
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Who came to aid the American colonists?


How many sailors did France send to aid America during the American Revolution?

France sent over 12,000 soldiers and 32,000 sailors to aid America during the American Revolution.

Was France involved in the American Revolution?

The French came to our aid. Lafayette helped train troops at Valley Forge. And the French Navy trapped the British at Yorktown.

What European country came to the aid of the American Colonies?

France, the Netherlands, and Spain

European country that came to the aid of the colonist during the revolution?

french :)

During the Revolution... Americans received their most valuable aid from what country?


During the revolution the greatest aid was given to the Americans by?

France aided the American revolutionaries against Britain.

What European nation supported the American revolution with military aid?

France supported the American revolution (they were already at war with England at the time).

I was the German soldier who came to America to aid the Patriot's cause in the Revolution?

Thomas Lynch

What nation came to the aid of the American colonists in their fight against Britain?


When did France provide enormous financial ans military aid to America?

During the American revolution

Who was sent to France on the American side to negotiate during the American Revolution?

Benjamin Franklin went to France seeking military and economic aid.