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Washington and his advisors had to decided whether or not to aid France in the French Revolution based on the Treaty of Alliance.

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He wanted neutrality, the us was all ready in a sufficient amount of debt

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He was an infantry man

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Read your history book

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Q: What was President Washington's position on the war in Europe?
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What was president roosevelt position on the war on Europe?

President Roosevelt wanted to help Britain instead of remaining neutral.

What were Washingtons precedents?

A Presidential Cabinet, an Assumption of Debt, Neutrality,( which includes treaties, and neutrality meaning avoiding war with Europe.)

What was the result of george washingtons proclamation of neutrality in the war between great britain and france?

it became the foundation of american policy toward europe

What was washingtons war strategy?

I think this matters which war you are talking about.

Who was the president the US when World War 2 began?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president when World War 2 began in Europe in 1939. He was still president when the United States entered the war in December 1941.

What was the battle of Trenton about?

washingtons great war

Who was the American president at the outbreak of World War 2?

Franklin Roosevelt was the US president when the US entered WW II. He was also the president when the war broke out in Europe.

Which president of America was a war hero in World War 2?

President Dwight Eisenhower was the commanding general of the victorious forces in Europe during world war 2.

Did george washingtons marriage last?

no because of the war

What was President Wilson's plan called for post war Europe during World War 1?


What was the U.S. reaction to the beginnings of war in Europe in 1939?

When war erupted in Europe in 1939 the United States was edged in the combat. The President then was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.Ê

What US president appointed US Grant to the US secretary of war?

At the end of the US Civil War, General in Chief US Grant remained in that position. Later, President Andrew Johnson appointed US Grant to the position of secretary of war. Grant remained in that position until he was elected to the US presidency.