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I'm not sure about this, but I am certain it beats the last answer, which is: "Probably for the same reason Gambia is called The Gambia, whatever those reasons may be. We may never know."

Which is not very helpful, and perhaps the answer of an idiot.

My guess is that because the actual, technically correct name of the Hague, or Den Haag--which is 's-Gravenhage--is long and cumbersome to pronounce, for brevity's sake people nicknamed it Den Haag or the Hague. The nickname superseded the original to such an overwhelming extent that it became the de facto standard. The word "the" came to precede the name for the same reason it does many city nicknames: the windy city, the big apple, the crescent city, for a few examples.

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Q: Why Hague is called The Hague?
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Dutch name of The Hague?

'The Hague' is called 'Den Haag' in the Netherlands.

What is the Dutch name for Hague?

If you mean the city of 'The Hague', it is called: 'Den Haag'.

Where is the seat of Netherlands government?

The dutch government is seated in The Hague. The collection of buildings where the government is located is called the Binnenhof.

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The address of the Hague Historical Society is: Po Box 794, Hague, NY 12836

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William Hague's birth name is William Jefferson Hague.

When was The Hague created?

The Hague was created in 1248.

John Quincy Adams' first official appoitment was Minister to The Netherlands where the seat of government is called what?

It was called the Hague

What is the population of Hague?

Branville-Hague's population is 153.

What is Hague convention?

A Hague Convention is an international treaty created and signed among the countries which are members of the Hague Conference on Private International Law. Hague refers to the city in the Netherlands where the treaties are deposited and where the Office of the Hague Permanent Bureau is situated.

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The web address of the Hague Historical Society is:

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Percy Hague Jowett has written: 'Percy Hague Jowett, 1882-1955'

What is the population of Branville-Hague?

Branville-Hague's population is 153.