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Q: Why The economy is experiencing negative GDP growth and High unemployment . Which fiscal policy action should the government implement in an attempt to fix this problem?
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What were positive and negative consequences of a limited national government?

Positive consiquences of limited national government meant that states could not do what they wanted. Negative meant no united goals.

What are some negative things about the US government?

There are several negative characteristics of the US government. Specifically, political parties enjoy fighting with each other more than they actually want to help the people. Additionally, government is costly and does not seem to accomplish a whole lot.

How does the government attempt to encourage positive externalities and limit the nagative externalities?

Well on the positive side: government can subsidize flu shots which helps the individual who receives the immunization and the community at large by helping prevent the spread of the flu.On the negative side: government taxes gasoline to help curb some of the problems placed on society by your driving your auto (like congestion, pollution, etc).

Most Americans hold a negative view of the federal bureaucracy Is this view justified?

It is reinforced with every corruption scandal. However, most government employees ("the bureaucrats") are honest and hardworking people, who unfortunately have little opportunity to improve the way their jobs are done.

which speaker is expressing a negative opinion about an aspect of the town meeting form of municipal government?

Speaker 3: We're not a small community anymore, so gathering everyone together to make decisions takes way too much time. -Apex-

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What are the negative impact of unemployment on economic development of Bangladesh?

Why is it only about a country? It is same everywhere. Unemployment is synonyms to negative( whatever it is) so whereever there is unemployment there is ..............

Can cyclical unemployment be negative?

Yes, it can :)

Which is negative outcome of the technology of vertical farming?

Potential unemployment

How may government lessen the problem of high unemployment and negative GDP?

The government can lessen unemployment simply be creating more government jobs. Improving the GDP is another question. There would provide a short term raise in GDP. Long term, it would probably hurt the GDP.

What are negative effects of globalisation on Vietnam's economy?

One Example, The negative affects is .6 percent of unemployment.

Which statement about teens and negative moods is false?

Boys report experiencing more negative moods than girls.

What must an employer say for you to get unemployment?

An employer does not need to respond to unemployment agency investigators for you to get unemployment. It's only when they answer in the negative that you might have difficulty getting your benefits, if they can prove their case.

A large negative GDP gap implies?

high rae of unemployment

Is worklessness a real word?

I was halfway through a stingingly negative reply...until I remembered; Politicians!!! "This term has been a clumsy synonym for unemployment since at least the 1880s. Now - pushed by the bureaucrats in Britain's Labour government - this new sense of the word has appeared and is angling to replace more cumbersome constructions such as chronic unemployment, persistent unemployment, and non-employment. " The Independant

When you are faced with options which all have negative consequences what you are experiencing?

Hobson's choice, possibly.

What are some ways to experience weightlessness?

Experiencing negative gs, such as on a roller coaster.

Unemployment benefits have an adverse effect on a citizenship application?

No, Unemployment is an insurance paid by the previous employer and should not have a negative effect in a citizenship application.