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Americans think there special because they come from a long line of Doers and dreamers. We fought a war for our Independence against the super power Great Britain. We fought and won our independence then proved to the world again in the war of 1812 that we where not a country that could be walked all over. A very good example of this is the battle of New Orleans where a what anyone else would call a "rag tag" army formed up to defend the city. Not only did we defeat the British but we killed British major general Edward Packingham the man in charge to the task of taking New Orleans. Yet again in the Mexican American war we showed the world that we could hold are own when we won battle in Montezuma Santa Fe and many more battles ultimately defeating the Mexican army helping us gain a ton of land which included all of Texas California Arizona and New Mexico. then during the civil war are country was tested to its very core. And many believe that this would be the end of are country. But we survived and came out stronger and after that we had a technological boom. We prospered and had many new innovations help improve are GREAT country. the invention of the air plane by the Wright Brothers in Kitty hawk North Carolina is a perfect example. another example is that our country is a giant melting pot. We have Germans Polish Slavs Jews blacks Irish Catholics Mexicans Cubans Asians and Europeans. These People came to are country with a dream and nothing else but the clothes on there packs and the few items they had left from home. They helped build this wonderful country into what it has become today. So i guess what makes Americans so proud of who they are is that we are all immigrants in this country. And that in this country you can become whatever you want to be if you put your mind to it. And the only holding you back in My country is your own ambition. In our country you can be anyone you want to be and it does not matter who you are, and where you came from. We don't care where your parents came from or where your family is from. What makes America so special is the "American Dream" the idea that in ARE country EVERYONE is EQUAL. and that's what makes America and Americans feel special because we are a country of dreamers and doers. we NEVER back down from anyone or anything.

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When you generalize, it's always a fallacy. if you mean why are some so patriotic, it's because they believe in Freedom for all men including you and are willing to fight for it (or have) not just provide lip service.

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Because we can be!!! Deal with it!!!

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Q: Why are Americans so proud of their country?
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