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why did americans want control of the Oregon country

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why did americans want control of the Oregon country

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so we would have more land

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Q: Why did Americans want control of the Oregon country?
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Why did Americans want control to the Oregon country?

to gain access of the pacific ocean --- ~MzCuTi3~

What do Americans who are concerned about foreign control want?

Americans want to restrict foreign investment.

Reasons why americans would want to be patriots?

Americans would want to be Patriots because they love their country, their freedoms, and their liberty.

Why didn't south Vietnam want the Americans to help in the war?

they didn't want to have a foriegn country involved in their country

Why did some Americans want to take control of islands in Pacific?

to expand

Why did the Native Americans want control of the Ohio River valley?


Did the patriots want indpendence?

Yes, the Americans were the patriots fighting for the new country.

Why did americans believe it was acceptable to take over more and more land?

Americans didn't, the American government does because they want to control everything.

Why did the Americans want to control the Mississippi River?

Farmers depended on the river to send goods to the market.

What four countries laid claim in the Oregon Country?

The United States, Britain, Spain, and Russia claimed the Oregon country, but eventually, Spain and Russia backed out of their claims and the British and Americans lived in that region, jointly administering it beginning in 1816. The region was divided between the Oregon Territory and British Canada in 1846.

What two countries disputed control of the Oregon territory?

Four nations claimed Oregon Country at one time: Spain, Russia, Britain, and the United States. Spain dropped out of America with the Florida Treaty of 1819 and Russia dropped out with the treaties of 1824 and 1825. Britain controlled the portion north of the Columbia River. By 1846, about 5,000 Americans settled south of the Columbia River. The British had a lesser population but it did not want to give up its claims to the Columbia River. The disputed territory in Oregon Country became an issue in the election of 1844, but was settled in 1846.

Why did the europeans want to conquer the native Americans?

Because they wanted power and to have the country by themselves.