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Supreme Court decisions are so important because the Supreme Court is the final authority for interpreting Federal Laws and the US Constitution. All courts in the US must adhere to the decisions as handed down by the Court. In the common law system that is practiced in the US (and in UK, etc) the lower courts must apply the same rule of law as the higher court has handed down.

For example the Supreme Court finds that segregated schools are unconstitutional in Kansas (Brown v. Board of Education), all lower courts must then find in favor of the parties asking that schools be ordered to integrate throughout the rest of the country. So if Florida continued to have segregated schools, and a group of parents and students sued the school system, asking that they be ordered to integrate, the court would have no choice but to follow the rule as handed down by the US Supreme Court, and order the Florida system to integrate.

In the case of interpretation of the constitution, the legislature must make a constitutional amendment to "overturn" the supreme court's interpretation. In the case of common law or interpretation of statutes, the legislature can "overturn" the Supreme Court ruling by creating a new statute.

Also because the system of checks and balances includes the courts of this world, so it is TOO important to overlook. seriousle.

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Whenever the Supreme courts are deemed the only ones necessary to resolve some issue, it means the case in question is very controversial or difficult to handle. these cases usually result in drastic policy change for the entire nation; therefore, what cases they decide to look at potentially have heavy ramifications. also, the Supreme court is a singular court. they can only look at so many cases with all of the debating they do; if a case can be resolved in a lesser court, the supreme court would rather that be done.

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because he or she can't not be speaking or laying in decision

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Q: Why are US Supreme Court decisions so important?
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What is the name of a US Supreme Court decision?

US Supreme Court decisions are called opinions.

What is the term for the decrees of the US Supreme Court?

US Supreme Court decisions are called "Opinions."

Do you find US Supreme Court decisions in the Federal Reporter?

No, West Publishing compiles the thirteen US Court of Appeals Circuit Court decisions in the Federal Reporter; US District Court decisions are published in the Federal Supplement; US Supreme Court decisions are published in Supreme Court Reporter. The official US federal government bound publication of Supreme Court decisions is United States Reports. For more information, see Related Links, below.

What is the US Supreme Court's verdict called?

The US Supreme Court's decisions (or verdicts) are called opinions.

What is the difference between 'Supreme Court Report Annotated' and 'Supreme Court Decisions Annotated'?

Supreme Court Report Annotated is the name of the bound series of legal decisions of the Philippines Supreme Court. There is no publication specifically listed as Supreme Court Annotated Decisions or Supreme Court Decisions Annotated, except for a few US historical documents listed as Supreme Court Decisions [annotated].You didn't specify whether you were looking for official documentation for the Philippines or the United States. In the United States, the comparable, annotated volumes of Supreme Court decisions is called US Supreme Court Reports, lawyers' edition.

What branch of government have some decisions appealed in US Supreme Court?

Decisions by all three branches of government can be appealed to the US Supreme Court.

When can US supreme court decisions be modified?

When the issue is again brought before the Supreme Court.

Can decisions reached on a question of law by a state supreme court may be appealed to the US Supreme Court?

Yes, sometimes. Certain US District Court decisions can be appealed to the US Supreme Court on direct or expedited appeal, if the case involves a statute in which Congress specified initial appeals go directly to the Supreme Court, or if the nature of the case is such that it is important and will undoubtedly be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court, anyway.The normal route for US District Court cases is an appeal to the US Court of Appeals Circuit Court over the District Court's Circuit, then petitioned to the US Supreme Court if a party is dissatisfied with the Circuit Court's decision.

Which court has the authority to review the decisions of the US court appeals?

Supreme Court

What Supreme Court Decisions occurred after 1945?

The US Supreme Court has made thousands of decisions since 1945. Please be more specific.

Can lower courts reverse or change US Supreme Court decisions?

No. Rulings of the US Supreme Court are 'the law of the land.'

What is the explanation for the supreme court's decisions called?

The explanation for the US Supreme Court's decision is called the opinion.