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to protect the constitutional right to confront ones accusure

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Q: Why are citizens obligated to respond to such documents?
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Should citizens feel obligated to pay tax?


Is the French consulate obligated to inform the US Government if one of their citizens is in the US illegally?


In what way are citizens obligated to defend the nation?

by registaring for military service when they reach age eighteen

Is it illegal in Arkansas to be a healthcare professional see an emergency outside of work and not stop to help?

No. Unless you are being paid to respond to an emergency (i.e. on an ambulance or helicopter) you are NOT obligated to respond.

Get out of a declaration of condos?

When you buy a condominium, you automatically become a member of the association. You can 'get out of the declaration', and all the other governing documents, by selling your unit. Otherwise, you are legally obligated to honour the governing documents.

What is the definition of external efficacy?

The willingness of the state governments to respond to the citizens

Why does the government respond to the needs views or request of citizens?

please help

How are athenian values of rule of law and citizenship expressed in modern representative democracies such as the one practiced in the US?

Answer this question… A. In modern representative democracies, all citizens have the obligation to craft laws and the responsibility to follow those laws. B. Certain citizens of modern representative democracies are obligated to craft laws, while the rest of the citizens are obligated to follow those laws. C. All citizens of modern representative democracies have the right to vote and craft laws, but not all citizens are obligated to follow those laws. D. In modern representative democracies, citizens have the right to run for office in order to craft laws and the responsibility to follow those laws.

What papers describe a citizens rights?

There are different documents and papers that describe a citizens rights. The best document to find such rights is the constitution.

What documents gave rights to the citizens of rome?

No documents gave rights to the citizens because they did not have a written constitution. Instead, they relied on "the way of the elders," or ancestral custom and precedent. This situation is similar to the common law of England. Therefore, the rights of citizens were written in several separate pieces of legislation.

What was the name of the shunammite woman's son?

Its not given in any of our available documents, I wish we had a Jewish Rabbi to respond.

What are the obligations of a Brazilian citizen?

Brazilians citizens are obligated to vote in all elections as well as serve in the military. The military service is a 12 month obligation.