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They help the House and the Senate come to an agreement.

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They allow for representation of diverse views.


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Q: Why are debate and compromise necessary when a bill becomes a law?
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Why are debate and compromise necessary a bill becomes a law?

They allow for representation of diverse views. Studyisland(:

What major debate began when delegates tried to fix the articles of confederation?

dont no

A compromise bill is the result of?

the introduction of a bill

Who writes a compromise bill?

you do

How a bill becomes a bill?

first a bill is only an idea, then it becomes a bill if the people like it and then it becomes a law

How do you think the senators and representatives might compromise to reach agreement to pass a bill?

how do senaors and representatives compromise to pass a bill

How was the Bill of Rights a compromise?

Federalists were in favor of the Constitution but anti-federalists were not because they were in fear of losing their rights. Congress included the Bill of Rights as a compromise to satisfy both parties. The compromise is commonly called the "Massachusetts Compromise"

What may end debate on a bill on the floor of the house?

motion to end debate

Who calls a bill to debate on the floor?

The House Rules Committee places the bill on a calendar for floor debate in the House or the Senate.

What occurred first in history Missouri Compromise Bonus Bill Compromise of 1850 or the American system?

Missouri Compromise was signed in 1820s. The Compromise of 1850 was signed in the 1850s

Was the bill of Right necessary for the constitution?

Bills are changeable, but constitutions are considered immutable. By writing something into a constitution, it becomes far less likely to be altered.

What passing a bill which situation calls for a compromise between the two houses?

A. If identical version of a bill are not passed in both houses, a compromise must be made.