Why are field trips bad?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They are bad because of going on the bus or because your teachers NEED you to learn not to have fun!!! -Jennifer Austin 9

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Q: Why are field trips bad?
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Is more field trips good or bad?

No there should not be field trips because field trips waistes money and time

Are school field trips bad?

It depends..... but i think it is mostly good and worth the risk.... em

What are the advantages and disadvantages of school field trips?

field trips r aweomse

When did Junior Field Trips happen?

Junior Field Trips happened in 1995.

When was Junior Field Trips created?

Junior Field Trips was created in 1995.

Benefits from field trips?

Field trips allow students to escape the routine of their classrooms and explore.

Where could one find information about field trips?

One can find information about field trips on the UIO Norwegian website. The University of Oslo has records of various field trips organized by the students and also by the secretarial committee.

Where could one go on virtual field trips?

Scholastic, Field Trips and Education World all offer virtual field trips. They include places such as Ghana, a volcano in Montserrat and Egypt. The trips utilise videoconferencing tools and Skype to immerse students in a virtual world.

What rhymes with subscrips?

field trips

Who invented going on field trips?

John Dewey revolutionized the public school system, and introduced, among other things, field trips.

Does China have field trips in school?

Yes, China school's do have field trips. However, China field trips usually incorporate a good deed to help others. For example, last year, a couple school's in China went to help save sea turtles on their field trip.

What are potential disadvantages of field trips?