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because your mom made u

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Q: Why are parts of the constitution italicized?
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What are the main parts of the Illinois Constitution called?

The main parts of the Illinois constitution are referred to as articles. The current version of the state's constitution was adopted in 1970.

What parts of the US Constitution consist of the preamble the seven articles and the 27 amendments?

Those parts together would be the whole Constitution...

After the preamble the main parts of the constitution are called what?

The articles

Parts of the constitution added after it was written?

bill of rights

Why have certain phrases or sections been italicized in the constitution?

Italics which appear in many published copies of the U.S. Constitution, and particularly in history and civics textbooks, are usually intended to point out provisions of the document which are no longer in force - which in one way or another have expired. For example, Article 1, Section 2 Paragraph 3, begins with "Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned …etc." In many copies, "…and direct taxes…" is italicized because those words no longer apply. In 1913, the 16th Amendment changed the taxation procedure. Before that, everyone was taxed by the same percentages. By the 20th century, however, it was recognized that people with more wealth, could afford higher taxes and had more property that the government was bound to protect, could be and should be taxed at a higher rate (today we know this as income tax).That very same paragraph (1,2,3) has two other italicized portions, one dealing with slavery (I will address that in Question 2) and the other, in the final part of the paragraph, talks about how many members of the US House of Representatives each state may select: it begins " …until such enumeration shall be made …" and ends with … "and Georgia 3." That entire passage should be italicized because it no longer applies.By my count, there are 23 places in the US Constitution that are italicized, blue-lined, or in some other way identified as no longer operative. It is interesting to note that 11 of the 12 articles of James Madison's United States Bill of Rights - the first 10 Amendments and the 27th Amendment - were eventually added to the Constitution (although it took 201 years!); the remaining amendment dealt with apportionment of representatives and is outmoded. Although the Constitution continues to prescribe sanctions for persons who commit acts of insurrection or rebellion against the US, that prescription has not been applied, or even formally considered, since our Civil War.

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Why have certain phrases and sections in the constitution been italicized?

it indicates that these parts are no longer in effect due to the passage of time or changes made to the Amendments :)

What major parts of the constitution are there?

there are np main parts to the constitution.

The essential parts of typical of constitution?

Parts of a Constitution are: the preamble, the articles and the amendments.

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What are the main parts of the Illinois Constitution called?

The main parts of the Illinois constitution are referred to as articles. The current version of the state's constitution was adopted in 1970.

What is the fisrt part of the constitution of the Philippines?

3 parts of constitution

What are the essential parts of constitution?

1. constitution of liberty 2. constitution of government 3. constitution of sovereignty

Are there two parts to the constitution?

There are actually three parts to the United States Constitution. It is divided in the Preamble, the Articles, and the Amendments.

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