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i think people r way 2 picky

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Q: Why are people so picky about things these days?
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What is a sentence for picky?

She was very picky about what she ate, so she looked at all of the option on the menu.

What are people interested in?

these days people are interested in electronics mostly but really people are interested in so many things each have their taste of things =]

Why is WikiAnswers so picky?

It isn't picky. It just wants there to be good answers for people who really need the answers. It also wants it to be a safe place for teens and adults.

Are kerr lollipops halal?

it doesnt matter...think about the people in poverty that have dont be picky eat it or not!!

Are the Jonas brothers picky?

no actually none of the boys are picky though they do like the stage to prefection I've never once seen a Jonas be picky they're very reasonable and will ask if something can be changed if not its fine by them so no thy are not picky

Why do you think the koala is so picky?

Because they are hungry

What are some bad things about education?

Now a days Education look like a business. So poor people can not touch this.

Why are people so dumb these days?


Is it Bachelor's degree or bachelor's degree an apostrophe or not?

Websters says it is bachelor's, but i suppose it depends on the mechanics of style and the discipline you are working in that makes a difference for these picky little things. This is what I'm going by so i hope this helps :)

8 people have food for 15 days 2 more people join them so they decreased days of their travel for how much days do they have food?

there will be 12 days of food

Are you a healthy eater or a picky eater?

people have different tastes, some people eat their five a day every day but some people dont like a lot of foods so eat sweets and rubbish all day thankyou for my advice!

What is neuran?

a brain cell; and not being picky but it is spelled neuron so if this is for a paper hope it helps.