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cause so they can see who influninslened them

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Q: Why are primary victories so important to candidates?
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Why are presidential debates important?

Debates are important for many reasons. First off, the candidates get to tell people their opinions on matters. Secondly, the candidates reveal what they will do as president. They also explain what is going on in our country at the moment and what will happen in the future and explain what they will do about it. Overall, it gives us Americans a good feel of the candidate's plan, determining if they will be a good president. They also can give some insight into the personalities and characters of the candidate, rather like a job interview. Debates are important because they are on television in prime time and have more popular appeal than newspapers articles or magazines and so reach a huge percentage of voters .

Do presidential candidates receive life long security detail?

No, after losing the election McCain had to give up his security retinue. This has been the case with previous candidates too, they only have so much security they can use.

During the nomination process political battles are most likely to occur in what forum?

The modern nomination process includes several primary elections and the nomination is usually wrapped up before the convention. The candidates campaign for these elections by making speeches, making statements to the press and sometimes by a debate with the other candidates. Everything they say of note is reported to the nation, so their differences become public knowledge. Of course, if the nomination is still open at the convention, there would be major battles there, mostly behind the scenes.

By tradition when does the presidential campaign begin?

Nothing much will happen until January 2012, although candidates will try to raise money and "feel" people out before then,

Why do candidates use the internet to raise funds for political campaigns?

The Internet is a widely adopted media platform used by most of the population in some form or another. Political candidates use any outreach method they can in order to connect with potential voters, so it stands to reason that reaching out to the public through web-based media would be important to any outreach program. Beyond the reach of the Internet as a media delivery system, the Internet allows candidates to use technology to their advantage by providing more methods of contributing to their campaigns, such as PayPal and other electronic payment methods. Their messaging can be updated instantaneously, and with minimal effort, millions of potential donors can be reached at once.

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Why are primary victories important to candidates?

So they can see who Influenced them the most

Why is an open primary election matter?

An open primary election matters because it allows voters to participate in the primary process regardless of their party affiliation. This promotes inclusivity and can result in a broader representation of voter preferences and opinions. Open primaries also offer voters more options and a greater voice in choosing their preferred candidates.

Can a republican voter in a primary election write-in a democratic candidate?

In most primary elections, voters are only allowed to vote for candidates from their registered party. Writing in a candidate from another party generally goes against the rules and regulations of the primary election. However, rules can vary by state, so it's important to check the specific guidelines for your state's primary election.

What is a government primary?

A primary, or primary election, is the election in which voters decide which of the candidates within a party will represent the party in the general election. So basically, when people vote on who will run for the democrats during the presidential election, it's a primary election. Voting on the actual president would be the general election.

Why did women feel that the right to vote was so important for their futures?

they could vote for candidates who supported the changes they wanted

Why are Carbahydrates so important?

They're your body's primary energy source.

Why was the victory of Ticonderoga so important for George Washington at the beginning of the of the American revolution?

It gave his men confidence and led to many more victories

Why is Thebes so important to Egypt?

It was the primary center for the Egyptian polytheistic religion.

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What are blankets?

A blanket primary is when a ballot lists the candidates for ALL parties regardless of what party the voter is in. So the voter can vote for a Republican governor and a Democratic senator even if they are Rep/Dem. Very few states have this kind of primary now.

What are blanket primaries?

A blanket primary is when a ballot lists the candidates for ALL parties regardless of what party the voter is in. So the voter can vote for a Republican governor and a Democratic senator even if they are Rep/Dem. Very few states have this kind of primary now.

Why the victories at Trenton and Princeton so important to Continental Army?

because the patriots wanted freedom from Britain and that those battles could of made America a free country