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Well they aren't that improtant. They just farm land in the great plains.

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Q: Why are sodbusters important?
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How do you use sodbusters in a sentence?

The plural noun 'sodbusters' is a slang term for farmers, considered a derogatory term. Example sentence:Those sodbusters have formed a coop to gain some political power.

What are the ratings and certificates for Sodbusters - 1994 TV?

Sodbusters - 1994 TV is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG-13

What did they call early plain farmers?


What was one approach of sodbusters?

Dry Farming

What food did sodbusters eat?

bufallo meat

What are the release dates for Gunsmoke - 1955 The Sodbusters 18-11?

Gunsmoke - 1955 The Sodbusters 18-11 was released on: USA: 20 November 1972

Did cattlemen like the sodbusters?

The cattlemen resented the sodbusters because they moved into the newly settled West and put up fences which limited the grazing land for the cattle.

What diffirence did the ranchers and sodbusters have over land?

Ranchers primarily raised livestock on the open range, while sodbusters practiced crop farming on cultivated land. Ranchers had more freedom to move their animals over large expanses of land, while sodbusters focused on settling and farming specific plots of land. This led to conflicts over land use between ranchers and sodbusters in frontier regions.

Where is the Deer Creek Sodbusters Inc in Sterling Nebraska located?

The address of the Deer Creek Sodbusters Inc is: Po Box 221, Sterling, NE 68443-0221

Who were the sodbusters and how did they get their name?

Sodbusters are farmers who moved onto the Great Plains in the late 1800s, and are named for ploughing and working on the hard ground of the plains in order to plant their harvests.

Where did sodbusters reside or live?

The great plains area of the u.s

What Problems did sodbusters face?

Drought was the most serious problem.