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Because states usually have more detailed responsibilities. APEX

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We don't necessarily know that state constitutions are longer than the federal constitution.

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Because states have more specific responsibility
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Is The US constitution is much longer and more detailed than all state constitutions?


One main differnece between the US Constitution and state constitutions is that state constitutions?

State constitutions are much longer than the US constitution.The main reason that state constitutions have a greater length is that they deal with more specifics where as the US Constitution is a framework of government. The US Supreme court deals through its interpretations the specifics of the laws. An example is in the amendments. The Texas constitution is amended through rewriting the parts that need to be change while the US constitution has addenda, like the first ten amendments. D. Are much longer

In comparison to the US Constitution how difficult is it to amend State constitutions?

In comparison to the United States Constitution, how difficult is it to amend State constitutions

What is the main difference between the US federal constitution and the various state constitutions?

There is one US Constitution, governing the US federal government. There are 50 different state constitutions, governing 50 different states.

Which documents state the powers and duties of the us government?

State constitutions.

Does the state constitution have a Bill of Rights?

Most state constitutions do.

What is the basic document of Alabama state government today?

It is the Alabama Constitution of 1901. It is the longest operative constitution in the world. Yes, in the world! It is 40 times longer than the US Constitution, and 12 times longer than other state constitutions. See the link for fascinating history!

What amendment is the federal government decided that the state governments were no longer necessary?

There is no amendment in the US Constitution regarding State governments being no longer necessary. What the US Constitution does say is that whatever the US Constitutions laws do not cover, belong to the individual States to determine.

How the state constitution resemble the constitution?

The various state constitutions resemble the US constitution in that they give rights and freedoms to the people in that state. The difference is that state constitutions are much more specific compared to the general US constitution. Also most state constitutions have been amended thousands of times, where as the US constitution has 27 amendments. Rights and Freedoms to citizens are the similarities More specific and more easily changed are the differences

Did state constitutions influence the u.s. constitution?

Well Of course. They were models for making the Constitution

How many constitutions has Virginia had?

The state of Virginia has had seven constitutions, and that includes the one adopted in 1971, which is the current constitution.

How did Pennsylvania's constitution differ from other state constitutions?

it was retarted compared to the other constitutions. Wow. So helpful.