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There is no amendment in the US Constitution regarding State governments being no longer necessary. What the US Constitution does say is that whatever the US Constitutions laws do not cover, belong to the individual States to determine.

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Q: What amendment is the federal government decided that the state governments were no longer necessary?
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What amendment was repealed?

The 18th amendment. It made drinking intoxicants illegal. After much failure in stopping people from drinking the government decided to end the law.

What branch of the government decided in 1997 that legal restrictions on Internet content violate the First Amendment?

The Judicial Branch

Why did the government introduce a gold license?

The governments decided to introduce a gold licence so people won't bother coming because you had to pay to mine for gold

Which amendment decided that a person could be president for only two terms?

22nd amendment

Why is the US a federal govemment?

The "Federal Government" or "National Government" known generally as "The United States of America" was seen as necessary to prevent human rights violations (a slide into the former governmental practices from England) at the time it was created.

What amendment repeals another amendment?

The 18th Amendment (dealing with prohibition) was repealed by the 21st Amendment because of its lack of usefulness. People were still drinking, but the government couldn't benefit from this at all (taxes, anyone?) and so they eventually decided that it was better to just keep drinking alcohol legal but put more restrictions on it.

How has the government been trying to prevent ozone depletion?

The government has done many things to save ozone. Banning CFC's, depleting CFC's etc.

Why was amendment 18 passed?

The 18th Amendment enacted Prohibition. It proved to be highly unpopular, and was largely ignored by the population who continued to drink at speakeasies. The crime rate skyrocketed under Prohibition, as gangsters like Al Capone made fortunes bootlegging alcohol. The Government decided to cancel the 18th Amendment as it was ineffective and unpopular. The 21st Amendment repealed Prohibition.

What legislation was responsible for changing the voting age in the US?

Twenty-sixth amendment

What amendment allows two people to sue each othjer and have the decision decided by a jury?

The Seventh Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the right to a jury trial in civil cases where the value in controversy exceeds $20. This amendment allows two parties to sue each other and have their case decided by a jury.

How are conflicts too often decided in unstable governments?

In unstable governments, conflicts are often decided by whomever is able to obtain the most power. Whoever holds the most power is able to crush/curtail the opposition and stay in power.

Which amendment decided that a person could be president for only two yterms?