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they are called the because the city of Kansas is known for being really tough

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Q: Why are the chiefs called the chiefs?
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Shawnee chief who fought to keep all white men out of Indian territory?

Tecumseh was the Shawnee chief who fought against the United States in the Tecumseh's War of 1811 to keep them out of Indian territory. This chief also fought on the side of the British in the War of 1812.

What is the group of specialized department advisors to the president called?

I am not sure what "specialized" means here. The President get advice from his cabinet, from the White House staff and the joint chiefs for military advice. Many of them have special skills and knowledge. Some of them were picked for their service to the President's election campaign .

What is the chain of command for the country's defense?

The President is the Commander in Chief. Below the President is the Secretary of Defense. The highest ranking military officer is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who reports to the Secretary of Defense. Below the Chairman are the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who supervise the various military commanders of each of their services.

Who were the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1963. I know Maxwell Taylor was the Chief. Who were the others?

There were two Naval chiefs in 1963, George Anderson Jr and David Mcdonald. Curtis LeMay was the Air Force chief, and Earl Wheeler was the Army Chief of Staff. The marines weren't a full member until the 1970's.

Who is head of all US military activity?

The president is the Commander and Chief of the military. Along with his advisors the Joint Chiefs of Staff military decisions are made.

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Are the Kansas City Chiefs called the Redskins?

No, they are called the Kansas City Chiefs. The Redskins are a completely different team located in Washington D.C.

What are the heads of the Armed services that advise the President called?

Joint Chiefs of Staff

Viking civic leaders were usually military chiefs called?

They were called Jarls

Viking civic leaders were usually military chiefs called what?


History of caciquism?

In Latin-American and Spanish politics, caciquism is the rule of an area by Indian chiefs or local bosses. These chiefs and bosses are called caciques.

Where did the kaiser chiefs get their name from?

The Kaiser Chiefs got their name from The South African football Team, The Kaizer Chiefs. They used this name because The Kaiser Chiefs are from Leeds and are big Leeds United Fans. An Ex-Player who played for them was a south African called Lucas Radebe. He was The bands favourite player and before he played for Leeds, he played for The Kaizer Chiefs

What did native Americans call their leaders?

Some of the Indian leaders were called chiefs.

What are the responsibilities of the Iroquois chiefs?

Men were chiefs and there roles were takingdecisionand taking part in grand councilchiefs also got advice from clan mothers.

What other cities have the Chiefs called home?

Only Dallas. They were originally the Dallas Texans.

What is a sentence for chiefs?

The chiefs of the local tribes gathered for a meeting.I will inform the chiefs.

Who is the rugby player called with nickname kaks?

Richard Kahui a all black and chiefs center

Was the people divided into groups ruled by military chiefs called fjords?

No, a fjord is a narrow inlet.