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Switzerland didn't exist before the 13th century, and only assumed its present shape in 1815, so the French-speaking areas were acquired (usually by force, and not always from France) during the confederation's expansion amid the confusion of Europe's borders in the 16th-18th centuries. It's the reason why there are Catalan people in France, French-speakers in Italy etc: the people stayed put, but the borders moved.

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Q: Why are there french people in Switzerland?
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What percentage of people in Switzerland speak french as their first language?

Approximately 22% of the population in Switzerland speak French as their first language.

What is Switzerland in French?

Switzerland is 'la Suisse' in French.

Why is Gruyere Switzerland a french community?

It is NOT a french community, it is just a french speaking community in the french speaking part of Switzerland, as SWitzerland has 4 different languages, one of them being french.

How is Switzerland spelled in French?

Switzerland in french is "La Suisse", so "to switzerland" would be "en Suisse".

What is La Suisse in French?

"La Suisse" in French means "Switzerland."

Is french an official language in switzerland?

Most Swiss people speak German, French and Italian so French is one of the official languages

What are people called in Switzerland?

The English name for people or things from Switzerland is Swiss.Various nationalities have various nouns, but Swiss does not :French - FrenchmanGerman - German

What does la Suisse mean in french?

In French, "la Suisse" translates to "Switzerland."

Which country speaks German and French?

Switzerland is a country that speaks both German and French.

Why do some people in Switzerland talk french?

Switzerland is a country in which there is more than one popular language. German (63.7%), Italian (6.5%), Romansh (0.5%) and French (20.4%) are the official languages spoken there.

How do you say welcome in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, there are four languages that are spoken: Romantsch, French, Italian and Swiss German. Most people speak French and Swiss German. Swiss German: Willkommen/Wilchomme (ch is spoken in the back of the throat, it makes a scratching noise) French: Bienvenue

How do you pronounce Switzerland in French?

Switzerland is "la Suisse" (fem.) in French, pronounced "sooh-ee-ss".