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The US president is responsible for running the federal government. The federal government now has its finger into every conceivable aspect of the lives of the 3.13 million people living in the country as well as many concerns all over the world. It take vast numbers of people just to fill the leadership positions in all the agencies and every leader wants as many people under him as possible.

Occasionally somebody tries to eliminate some agencies, but every agency has workers who want to keep their jobs and almost every agency provides some service that is enjoyed by those who get it. People concerned with other agencies empathize and add their support to the threatened departments. These people all combine to make such a protest that nothing happens. Meanwhile politicians think of new services that might attract votes, so the government grows bigger still.

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A U.S. President's primary responsibility is the faithful execution and enforcement of all Federal Laws and the U.S. Constitution. That is obviously far too big a job for one person. Another presidential responsibility is to periodically recommend new legislation to Congress. As experts in the various facets of government, his/her Cabinet members advise him/her in the composition of such proposals.

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Because there is

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Q: Why are there so many cabinet departments under the president of the US?
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As of 2011 how many cabinet departments reported to the president?


How many cabinet officers are there?

There are 15 cabinet departments. There are also several cabinet-level officers including the Vice-President that advise the President as well.

How many cabinet departments are there?

There are 14 departments of the us cabinet

In 2011 how many cabinet-level departments report to the president?


How many cabinet posts are there?

There are 15 cabinet posts that have departments in the US government. There are also 8 cabinet level posts that do not have a department including the vice president.

How many cabnit departments are there?

In the USA there are 356 Cabinet Departments

What other offices support the many presidential activites?

All of the 15 cabinet departments support the President's programs.

To what degree are presidents required to use their cabinet members?

There are no restrictions on how much the President relies on his cabinet for advice or how many cabinet meeting he has to hold. He can fire them if they complain too loudly. The president does not even have to give his cabinet secretaries free rein on how they run their departments.

Functions of the cabinet?

The purpose of the Cabinet is to advise the President on matters relating to the duties of their respective offices. As the President's closest and most trusted advisory, members of the Cabinet attend weekly meetings with the President. The Constitution does not directly mention a "Cabinet," but the Constitutional authority for a Cabinet is found in Article II, Section 2. The Constitution states that the President "may require the opinion, in writing of the principle officer in each of the executive departments, upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices." The Constitution does not say which or how many executive departments should be created.

What people belong to the executive branch?

The executive branch of the US government is headed by the President. Below him are the 15 cabinet members who each run their department. There are hundreds of workers , all over the US, in these departments. Many are civil service employees.

In 1789 how many departments in the cabinet?


Who is the federal cabinet department?

Are you asking who heads the departments? There are several Cabinet Departments. Homeland Security is just one of many.