Why are tongans so big?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because their of our diet and stature. I'm tall but not humongous. That's what everybody thinks.

Okay first of all it's rare for me to find a fat tongan! It has nothing to do with our "diet"! Our cultural food is not carby and tongan girls are curvy and slim (like me!) so hold up first!

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Q: Why are tongans so big?
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Are Tongans racist?

No, not all Tongans are racist. You can't judge someone cos I could ask you the same thing "Are you racist?"Most Tongans i know joke a lot and some of their jokes involves racist, so if you think Tongans are racist you either have a bad sense of humor or you just hate Tongans.

What island do Tongans come from?

Tongans come from Tonga!

Why are Tongans Christians?

Tongans are Christians because the British people came and taught the Tongans about God and the Holy Bible which is all true.

What sport do most Tongans play?

Most Tongans play Rugby.

Who is bigger Samoans or tongans?

Tongans are fairly Buffer but the Samoans are fatter.

What do you do in Tonga?

Anything you want. But in Tonga they have a specific way of showing respect. What puts Tongans apart is that RESPECT for tongans is a big thing. For tongans there are different catergories of respect. There are rules in Tonga that you must obey & by sticking to them, you would be fine. And when you stick to them you shall do whatever you want in Tonga. BUT, if you give one wrong move & DISRESPECT someone, thats when everybody will come running after you with a weapon. So you doing whatever you want depends on what you do & how you act.

Who do Lebanese people get along with out of Tongans and Samoans?

I'LL SAY TONGANS. Obviously.

What are the lungs called?

They are called vital organs. Vital Tongans, Vital Tongans,

What race are tongans?


Who's bigger Samoans or tongans?

Since the Samoan population is almost twice that of Tonga, they would have the edge. Sike! Tongans are way stronger then Samoans sadly.

What is the difference between Tonga and Samoa?

#language #and Tonga is better (this above was the wrong answer) Language is the biggest difference between Samoans and Tongans. Samoans and tongans both value families and traditions. Samoans are better Tongans not....

Who are tongans?

Tongans are the native people of The Kingdom of Tonga. The last remaining monarchy in the South Pacific. They are part of the Poynesian group.