How big were trench rats?

Updated: 8/22/2023
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Trench rats grew so big that they could eat an entire corpse, because there were many men shot in wars there was lots of food allowing their populations to grow very big and their average size to increase

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Q: How big were trench rats?
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Which big could the trench rats grow?

up to 8 feet

What are trench rats like?

Trench Rats can refer to the Nation Organization of Trench Rats, a fraternal organization of veterans who served in the trenches in various wars, or to the black rats (Rattus rattus) and brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) feeding on food scraps and decaying corpses of unburied soldiers in WWI and WWII.

Did trench rats kill people?


What diseases did trench rats have?

they spread the plague, again.

Where can you find pictures of trench rats?

picsearch picsearch

Was trench warfare good for the soldiers?

No, Trench Warfare was very detrimental to their health, as the men had to live through diseases in the trench, rats contaminating everything, and poor sanitation.

What diseases went on during trench warfare?

one from the rats and dirty water

What were some common repetitive tasks of trench life?

Trench foot, not sleeping, rats and paranoia. ps. hudson w/h chabelo w/h

What problems did soldiers face in ww1?

Rats and Lice, Trench foot and shell shock

What were the top three worst parts of trench warfare?

The diseases, such as gangrene and trench foot, the war itself, and the weather conditions.

How was life on the trenches during WW1?

There were rats, one could get trench-foot (from the moisture), you could be buried alive in an explosion, and many contracted lice (from rats) as well.

How big of a problem was it for trench rats in world war 1?

they were worse then the enemy some of the soldiers said they were thriving in the trenches and eating any waste left behind from the soldiers there were millions of them over populating in all the trench wars be it Eastern, Italian, Gallipoli, Western Front they lived and thrived there it was a nightmare for the soldiers.