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Q: Why did Arnold think armistead would remains loyal?
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Why did Benedict Arnold think James Lafayette would remain loyal?

Benedict Arnold thought James Lafayette would remain loyal to the British because he wanted to be free from slavery so was trustworthy to the British.

What was James armistead childhood like?

I think it was terrible and all about slavery

Did James Armistead say any quotes?

no i dont think so i am checkin it out right now......

Who was the teenager that warned American troops that the British were about to attack in the American Revolution?

I think it was James Armistead? mabye

Why did James Armistead help the Patriots?

I think he wanted to be free from slavery.

Did Benedict Arnold have any daughters?

i think it Sophia Matilda Arnold.

Is it Arnold's fault of the budget cuts?

I think so as Arnold make taxes cuts

Benedict Arnold when did he serve?

i think it was in 1775

What are some quotes of Margaret Shippen Arnold or Peggy Sippen?

Margaret "Peggy" Shippen Arnold was known for her involvement in the American Revolutionary War through her relationship with her husband, Benedict Arnold. One of her notable quotes is "I loved Major André. I saw him hanged, the first instance of American cruelty. It ruined Sir Henry Clinton and I think it will ruin Arnold." Another quote attributed to her is "My dear sir, your letter has affected me beyond expression."

How can you use loyal in a sentence?

"Dogs are very loyal" "He was being very loyal" Loyal means you'll stick by someone. Its an adjective (Possibly a verb too) I think as a noun it would "Loyalty".

Did Tedd Arnold die?

Yes, I think...

What jazz musicians would Arnold from hey Arnold recommend?

I think Dino Spumoni. 0.0 He makes jazz!