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yes, the patriots fought the British in the Revolutionary war. so don't think it was a loyalists or tories.

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The Loyalists remained loyal to Britain. They were called tories.

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Q: Did the patriots fight the British?
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Why were Patriots willing to fight the British?

The patriots faght the british so that they could have civil rights.

Who did the patriots fight for independence?

The Patriots fought the British because they were tired of how the British treated them signed, Emi Baybee

Which colonists were determined to fight the british to the end?

The Patriots

Did France and Paris help Patriots fight British?


Which colonists wanted to fight for the british for American independence?

The Patriots wanted to fight the British for their independence because relations with them grew more tense.

How did the British convince slaves to fight against the Patriots?

by promising them freedom

Did the British win the Boston Tea Party?

No, the Patriots won. It wasn't really a fight though, the British didn't even fight back.

How did guerrilla warfare help the patriots?

guerrilla helped the patriots to fight the british because, since we had such a small army we could easily ambush them to kill the british

Who was the French nobleman who helped the patriots fight British?

The Marquis de Lafayette.

Who was the French nobleman who Helps the Patriots fight the British?

The Marquis de Lafayette.

Who did the Loyalists fight for?

Loyalists fought for the British because they were loyal to the crown. The colonists who were rebelling were called Patriots.

Did the American Patriots fight each other in the war?

NO, they didnt but some called loyalists who where loyal to the British might have attacked the patriots.