Who did the Loyalists fight for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Loyalists fought for the British because they were loyal to the crown. The colonists who were rebelling were called Patriots.

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The British

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Q: Who did the Loyalists fight for?
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Which army did loyalists fight for?

The clue to the answer is in the name "loyalists " because they were loyal to the English king.

Who wanted to fight British for American independence?


How did the patriots feel about the loyalists in the 1700s?

The patriots felt like the loyalists were wrong and traitors, but they generally didn't fight.

Facts about loyalists?

Loyalists were people who were loyal to the King and didn't find a reason to fight for independence. 20% of colonists were loyalists. Their nicknames were tories, royalists, and king's men. Some loyalists were killed by patriots.

What year did the patriots and the loyalists start to fight?

in the year 1776

Did the loyalist want to fight?

Yes. They thought by force they could get the Patriots to change to Loyalists.

American colonists who did not join the fight for independence and maintained allegiance to the King?

Were called Loyalists.

What did the loyalists call the Patriots?

The Patriots used several terms to refer to the loyalists. Loyalists were often refered to as Tories, King's Men, and Royalists.

Did the patriots fight the British?

yes, the patriots fought the British in the Revolutionary war. so don't think it was a loyalists or tories.

Which colonist did not consider unfair taxes a reason to fight?

There were many colonists who didn't think taxes were a good reason for American independence, some were relatives of famous Patriots.The colonists who still remained loyal to Britain, even after the taxes, are called Loyalists.

Who did the US fight during the American Revolution?

Great Britain and the Loyalists and Native Americans that were allied with them

What distinguished American patriots and American loyalists?

Loyalists wanted to stay loyal to Britain but the patriots didn't; they wanted independence. the patriots did not like it when Britain taxed them from thousands of miles away and when it passed laws that were unjust. loyalists did not want to fight Britain