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Empire Loyalists

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Q: What are supporters of the british empire called?
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What were the supporters of James ll called?

the suporters were the british

What is Britain empire called?

It was known as the British Empire. When the empire started to fall apart, the British Commonwealth/Commonwealth of Nations was created.

What were the first Commonwealth game called?

The first Commonwealth Games were called the British Empire Games.

What do they call the British empire now?

The British Empire today, is now called the British commonwealth, or Commonwealth Realms or Commonwealth of Nations

Are people who receive an Order of the british empire are called sir?

No KBE Knight of the British Empire, people awarded this honour are known as Knights and are called Sir

What was Uganda called when it was part of the british empire?


What was the british empire flag called?

The Union Flag.

What were the colonist who opposed the British called?

The colonists who opposed the British were called 'Whigs'. Those who favored British and her King, were called 'Tories'. Those nicknames were also used earlier in the Reformation in England. Two other nicknames were 'Patriots' for the colonists and 'Loyalists' for the British supporters.

What are people who opposed independence called?

The term for supporters of Independence was Patriots, and the British may have termed them Yankees as well.

What were the Commonwealth Games known as in 1930?

The Commonwealth Games were known as the British Empire Games in 1930.

What is the main legislative body called in Germany?

british empire

What are supporters of napoleon called?

The supporters of Napoleon are called Bonapartists.