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Q: Who taught the patriots how to fight?
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Baron von Steuben aided the Patriots by teaching the soldiers four new strategies?

What he taught them was to drill with muskets,march in step, switch ranks, and to fight professionally

What did the patriots fight for?

they fighted for their freedoom

Did all patriots fight in the war?


Did the patriots fight in the revalutionary war?

my but

How women were taught to fight in the middle ages?

In most cases Women were not taught to fight.

Who did patriots fight?

they faugh great Britten

How did the patriots fight the war in the west?

They madeout with them

What side did Deborah Sampson fight on?


Do the New England Patriots have a fight song?


Why were Patriots willing to fight the British?

The patriots faght the british so that they could have civil rights.

American colonists who supported independence from Britain and were willing to fight for independence were known as?


Where did the patriots fight for independence near Boston?