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they wanted the U.S. to get involved and drive out the spanish

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Q: Why did Cuban rebels destroy US owned sugar plantations?
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Why did Jose marti destory American- owned sugar mills and plantations in cuba?

Jose Marti encourages Cuban rebels to destroy sugar mills and plantations to provoke the United States.

Who owned the plantations in southern US?

the gypsies owned the plantations in the southern US.

Who owned the plantations of the southern US in the last century?

The plantations were owned by economically well-off white people.

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Who owned plantations in colonial North Carolina?

Wealthy white Christian males owned plantations in colonial North Carolina and also owned many African American slaves or indentured servants.

How many sugar plantation did the Catholic church owned?

To the best of my knowledge, the Catholic Church, itself, never owned any sugar plantations, many of the people who owed sugar plantations were Catholic, but their plantations did not belong to the church.

Who owned the Plantations.?

sir paul ramsey, Australia

Rich families that owned plantations were called the?

They are called wealthy familes

What were rich families who owned plantations called?

They are called wealthy families

Large roman plantations?

A large roman state-owned plantation was called a Latifundia. It was a giant state-owned farm.

Who were the Creoles in the Spanish colonial social structure?

They owned plantations, mines and ranches...

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The plantations were wealthy landowners in New Netherland who owned and ruled large estates.