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George Washington had very bad teeth and the story about his wooden teeth wasn't any joke he was very self concius about it he also made this a trendand many other presidents didn't smile much until the earlier time.

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The picture on the dollar is taken from an official painting of Washington. He had dentures which changed the shape of his mouth and the painting was done late in his life. Historians have found he actually didn't look the way we see him on the dollar bill or in the painting done of him. When the dollar bill was made he was dead, so all we had to go on was the painting to use for the dollar.

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He never smiled because he had wooden teeth

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His wooden teeth hurt him too much and it hurt even more to smile

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I'm sure he smiled when he had something to smile about, but he was seld-conscious because he wore bad false teeth

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Q: Why did George Washington never smile?
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