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George Washington felt that it was unfair that one person lead a whole country so he became the president. In those days monarchs or kings and queens were referred to as your highness but the monarchs decisions were final and spread throughout the country. Washington thought this wasn't fair so he established a government.

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it was unconstitutional

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Q: Why did George Washington refuse to be called a king?
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What did George Washington refuse to?

He refuse to be the king.

What did George Washington refused?

He refuse to be the king.

Why did George Washington refuse to become king?

He saw what happened under a king and had just fought a war against one.

What year did George Washington become the king?

George Washington became the President of the United States, not its king.

Did King George Washington visit the colonies?

UMM, George Washington was not a king, I think you have the wrong name.

Who could have been king but refused a crown?

George Washington George Washington

How is George Washington different from King George III?

King George III and George Washington were nothing alike. First of all, they were enemies. King George III was the King of England. George Washington was never a king and he didn't want to become one either. George Washington was the first president of the United States. King George III wasn't and he has never even been to The United States of America anyway. King George III also lived a lot longer than George Wshington.

The signifiance of george Washington's refusal to become a king dictator?

George Washington refused to become a king dictator because he wanted his privacy. George Washington was the 1st president.

How is King George III different for George Washington?

King George III was a monarch King George III remained loyal to the Great Britain King George III never lived outside of the British Isles George Washington lived from 1732-1799 King George III lived from 1738-1820 King George III was head of state from 1760-1820 George Washington was head of state from 1789-1797

Why did King George the third refuse to consider the colonist declaration?

Because King George the 3rd was still mad about the colonists protesting.

What does George Washington have that King George doesn't?

A nice profile.

What did the French say to George Washington?

I do not believe Washington ever met with King George III.